How AmazeBox Works - Frequently Asked Questions


AmazeBox is brought to you by the team who founded Arena Flowers and built it into one of the UK's best flower delivery businesses. We source all our own products from the best suppliers, be it rose growers in Kenya and The Netherlands or chocolate suppliers in the UK.

We created AmazeBox because there's currently no fun, occasion-led gift that's more than just a greetings card but less than a full bunch of flowers. AmazeBox fills that gap.

Answer to the most common questions are below. For our full terms and condition please go here.


2.a What is an AmazeBox?

An AmazeBox is a customisable occasion-specific gift box that fits through your letter box, from just £9.99 (including delivery).

2.b What do you get in an AmazeBox?

Each AmazeBox includes as a minimum:

  • an occasion-themed gift box with a high quality print finish;
  • an occasion-themed greetings card containing your message;
  • one main gift item (currently one of nine choices of fresh flower) and two treats, held in place in a specially designed presentation tray; and
  • an occasion-themed display stand to hold the main gift and the greetings card once they've been taken out of the AmazeBox, all delivered through your letterbox by the Royal Mail from just £9.99.

A number of the items can be upgraded and some optional items can be be added to an AmazeBox (see next paragraph).

2.c What are all the different options for customising an AmazeBox?

There are over a million possible AmazeBox combinations and we will be adding more as we develop the AmazeBox concept (please feel free to email suggestions to There are also a number of options that allow you to personalise your AmazeBox and make it a completely unique gift. It is extremely simple to create your own AmazeBox - answer a handful of questions & our recommendation engine will generate a box for you - however we explain all the possible customisation and personalisation options below.

The customisable elements include:

  • Box & stand design: there are multiple box and stand designs to choose from, all suited to different occasions such as birthdays or new baby arrivals.
  • Greetings card: there are a large number of card designs to choose from. You can write your own message and format it as you wish and we will print this into your chosen card.
  • Main gift: the choice of main gift is currently limited to a single live fresh flower delivered in a vial (with water too, if the flower is a rose, but dry if the flower is a tulip). You can choose the colour and the variety of the stem to suit the recipient. We are working on a premium version of the flower option that will be added to the site soon. We are also working on additional categories of main gift items which will be released in the spring and targeted at male recipients (please feel free to email any suggestions you might have to
  • Treats: Each AmazeBox comes with two treats. There are multiple categories of treats, including: chocolates, confectionery, health & beauty, new baby, party, drinks and naughty. Most categories have "standard" treats (which can be selected with the "standard" AmazeBox at nil additional cost) and "deluxe" treats (which are either part of an upgraded AmazeBox bundle or which can be added individually to an AmazeBox for an additional charge).

The personalisable elements include:

  • Box photo stickers: you can personalise the outside of your AmazeBox by adding a photo and short message that will be affixed to the "postage stamp" area of the front of the box (example below) and a larger photo that will be put onto the rear of the box. All AmazeBoxes have been designed so that the application of photos will enhance the box design and experience.
  • Glossy photo: you can upload a photograph in checkout and we'll print it out on glossy paper and include it with your greetings card.
  • Video message: currently offline for an upgrade, our video message service will be available again in the spring and will allow you to record a message or share a favourite moment with the recipient by video.

Personalised gift boxStamp Ideas

2.d How does the AmazeBox pricing work?

We have tried to keep the AmazeBox pricing very simple. The standard box is £9.99, delivered. The upgrades all cost £3.00 each. The upgrades can also be bought in bundles (AmazeBox with three upgrades is £14.99 and the AmazeBox with all six upgrades (coming soon) will be £19.99. Guaranteed, named-day courier delivery is charged separately (at £5.00 per AmazeBox) and will be available in the spring. For a full pricing table explaining the features and their benefits, please click the "Pricing" link in the header of this page.

2.e Will the flower survive in the post?

Yes, our testing shows that the flowers last just as long as if delivered by traditional methods. The team behind AmazeBox comprises many experts in flower sourcing and delivery, having founded and grown the very successful flower delivery business, Arena Flowers. Using our significant experience in the flower delivery business we have tested AmazeBox extensively and successfully. The flower varieties used for AmazeBox have been carefully picked so that they are a good fit for the box, they transport well in Royal Mail conditions, and then open pleasingly over the course of the days following receipt.

Stems are sent out fully hydrated and in a specially designed flower vial that contains water & a specialised flower food formulation (tulips do not ship in water as they will grow too much during their journey if they travel in water). The flower's water should be changed when only a centimeter or so remains (in the case of the tulip, water should be added to the vial) and then changed every day or so to keep the flower hydrated. Each box includes a flower care leaflet which explains how to look after your flower and what to do if air becomes trapped in the stems. See here:

Care Instructions

2.f Are there any nuts in any of the edible gifts?

Please consult the description for each edible gift to see if it contains nuts. If in doubt, please do not send a product to someone if there is even the slightest risk that they may be allergic to it.


2.g Is the AmazeBox idea protected?

Yes it is. We have been granted a patent for the concept (patent number GB2488876B). We will extend this UK patent protection internationally in due course. Registered UK Design applications are also pending for several of the key design features of the product (UK Registered Design Application No 4028218). Additionally, we assert the ownership of the trademark AmazeBox and this will also be registered in due course. The technology behind the AmazeBox referral system is the subject of UK patent application no. GB1301421.2.

All B2B and licensing enquiries should be addressed to


3.1 How do I choose the contents of my AmazeBox?

You don't. You answer some simple questions about who you're sending to and why, plus tell us which box bundle you'd like, and then our recommendation engine suggests a box and contents to suit what you've told us. You then review and amend any of the elements of the suggested box that you wish, provide delivery details and payment details and checkout. That's it. Your AmazeBox will be picked, packed and sealed and on its way soon.

3.2 Why doesn't your recommendation engine ever recommend "naughty" or "drinks" treats?

"Naughty" and "drinks" treats could cause offence for religious or other reasons if inadvertently sent to the wrong person. "Naughty" or "drinks" treats are only sent if the sender has actively chosen to send them; in order to include "drinks" or "naughty" treats in your AmazeBox, you will have to replace a recommended treat with a "naughty" or "drinks" treat of your choice at the box confirmation stage.

3.3 Can under 18s send "drinks"?

No. Under UK licensing laws, we are not allowed to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 or to people who are buying for someone under the age of 18. Whilst the drinks in question are only miniatures, the law still stands. All AmazeBox customers submitting orders including "drinks" must confirm their eligibility to purchase alcohol in compliance with UK law. We reserve the right to cancel any orders where we doubt that the purchase is legitimate or is in breach of the licensing laws.

3.4 Why is the site in "Beta"? What does this mean?

This means that the site is still under development and that the product offering and features are still being worked on to maximise their appeal and impact. There may be bugs and some features may not yet be as polished as we'd like them to be. We want to make AmazeBox an oustanding user experience so we're really interested to hear all product or feature ideas, as well as bug reports or issues you have with the site / service. Please send any thoughts, ideas or comments to We read them all.

3.5 Can I store addresses, dates and credit card details for future orders?

All previous orders, addresses and reminders details are stored and will be able to be reused in future to expedite the checkout experience. We don't currently store credit card details but may offer the option in the future to speed up the payment step. All stored information will be able to be viewed in your account area: // once this feature is live by mid February.

If you do not have a password or have forgotten your password, you can generate one with the forgotten password link (though only if you have already placed at least one order on or We will also send you your log in and password details after your first order on AmazeBox.

3.6 Will my address book work on AmazeBox's sister site, Arena Flowers?

Yes. Your address book from Arena Flowers will be available to you on AmazeBox and vice versa. When the option to store payment methods becomes available, your payment methods will also be available to you across the Arena family of sites, if you choose to store your payment methods.

Reminders and order information will not be shared across sites though; to check your AmazeBox order history and statuses, you should consult the AmazeBox site; to check your Arena Flowers order history and statuses, you should consult the Arena Flowers site.

3.7 Does your site use cookies?

Yes it does. It is essential to have cookies enabled for our site to function correctly. By using our site you are consenting to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

We do not spam.

3.8 Is there a mobile site?

Not yet but one should follow soon.


4.1 When is the next available delivery date for an AmazeBox?

We post out all standard AmazeBoxes by First Class Royal Mail. We accept orders up to 2pm the day before delivery. These boxes are then prepared and posted that day and in 90% of cases are delivered the following mail delivery day (Tuesday - Saturday, not including Bank Holidays). We do not currently post on weekends for Monday delivery as the flower will be in the box for too long. We will make Mondays available once we have improved our logistics with Royal Mail. If it extremely important for a delivery to arrive we recommend that you order for the day before the occasion.

4.2 Where do you deliver to?

We deliver nationwide in the UK using the Royal Mail. Any address that can receive post can receive an AmazeBox.
We do not currently send AmazeBoxes outside of the UK due to the perishable nature of the flowers inside and restrictions on sending of biological matter across borders.

If you are interested in licensing AmazeBox for fulfilment in your territory, please email us at

4.3 Do you offer a guaranteed named-day delivery service?

Not yet but it will soon be possible to send an AmazeBox with a guaranteed next day courier service to ensure it is delivered on a named day.

This couriered service will cost an extra £5 and will only available for mainland UK postcodes (Northern Ireland, the Highlands of Scotland and the Channel Islands are excluded from the couriered service due to their prohibitive cost).

4.4 What does postage and packaging cost?

First Class Royal Mail delivery and packaging are both included FREE of charge.

Our next day couriered service will cost £5 per AmazeBox sent (coming soon).

4.5 How is the box delivered?

The box is delivered shrink wrapped; the box design can be seen but not touched whilst the AmazeBox is in transit. This full visibility of the design before it has been opened makes for a very impactful delivery and helps heighten the excitement of opening it ("What's in yours?"). It is important to note that if you add "Box Photos" to your box, these will be visible through the box. We will not put photos on the outside of the box if they are offensive or lewd. The postie doesn't need to see that.

4.6 What is the box finish like?

Because the AmazeBox is protected in transit by the shrink wrap, we are able to give a very smooth, luxurious finish to the box. The stamp area and the strip around the edge of the box both have a a "spot UV" finish to give some contrast to the mainly matt finish of the box. The box looks and feels, um, amazing.

4.7 Will the recipient need to sign for the AmazeBox?

No, all AmazeBoxes fit through a normal letter box and are delivered by the Royal Mail with your normal post or by a courier (when that option becomes available).

If you've ordered a couriered delivery, a signature may be taken on delivery, but is not required. We think it is more important to get the gift delivered on the day in question than to take it back to a depot where the flower may then perish. Tracking information is available for couriered deliveries.

4.8 Can the recipient find out who sent the AmazeBox?

We do not ordinarily identify the sender to the recipient due to data protection laws; the sender is our customer, not the recipient, so legally we cannot divulge information to the recipient without the sender's consent. It is therefore important that you put your name on the greetings card so that the recipient knows who the gift is from without having to ask. If you give us permission to pass on your identity to the recipient, we may then do so.

NB if we are required to by law (eg we receive a formal request from the police), we may reveal the sender's identity to the relevant authorities.


Every customer (via email) and every recipient (in an insert in their box) is given their own AmazeBox Referral Scheme code through which they can earn discounts off future AmazeBox deliveries by referring new customers. The details of the scheme can be found on the AmazeBox Referral Scheme page and customers can remind themselves of their personal referral code and check how much discount they have earned by logging into the AmazeBox customer area (only once a first order has been placed and the AmazeBox customer area has been set up).